Grace Kick-off Meeting

Kick-off meeting Attendees in Angeli di Rosora (Italy). From the left: Giorgia Bianchi (Whi), Teresa Vitale(Whi), Lorenzo Stroppa (Univpm), Cristina Cristalli (AEA), Giacomo Angione (AEA), Riccardo Paci (AEA), Johannes Tjønnås (Sintef), Nicola Paone (Univpm), Timo Holm (Siemens), Paulo Leitão (IPB), Claudio Turrin (Whi), Giancarlo Langini (Whi), Stefano Serafini (Univpm), Alessandro Bastari (AEA), Paolo Castellini (Univpm), Ingrid Schjølberg (Sintef).

The GRACE project kick-off meeting was held on 22nd and 23rd of July 2010 at Loccioni Group facility in Angeli di Rosora (Italy).

The GRACE project has officially started on July 1st 2010.
The partners, coming from five different European countries, met for a 2-day meeting on the 22nd and 23rd of July 2010, at Loccioni facility in Angeli di Rosora (Italy), where they officially started the activities in which they will be involved for the next 36 months.
Before discussing more technical aspects related to the project activities and forthcoming actions, the partners had the chance of introducing themselves, their competences and their role within the GRACE project.
Some important managing decisions were also made, like the designation of the Steering Committee,  the Work Package Leaders, the Dissemination and Exploitation Managers, a plan for the Dissemination and Exploitation Managers and a plan for upcoming technical meetings.

Project Coordinator: Prof. Nicola Paone (UNIVPM)
Steering Committee: Cristina Cristalli (AEA), Ingrid Schjolberg (Sintef), Nicola Paone (UNIVPM), Paulo Leitao (IPB), Claudio Turrin (Whi), Thomas Wagner (Siemens)
Dissemination Manager:  Ingrid Schjolberg (Sintef)
Exploitation Manager
: Cristina Cristalli (AEA)

Technical Meetings:

29-30 September 2010 at Whirlpool facility in Cassinetta (Italy)

2-3 November 2010 at Whirlpool facility in Naples (Italy)

8-9 February 2011 at University of Braganca (Portugal)

June 2011 at Sintef (Throndheim – Norway)

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