Three new deliverables!

The activities of the GRACE consortium are going full speed ahead, and three new deliverables are been produced and submitted to the EU Commission reporting the outcomes of Work Packages 2, 3 and 6:

Deliverable 2.1
D2.1 “Specification for self-adaptation and self-optimization mechanisms in WM production”
| February 2011 | Confidential
Focuses on how self adaptation and self optimization can be implemented at a local level on the factory; moreover processes from the Whirlpool production line have been identified to be used as case study.

Deliverable 3.1
D3.1 “Specification for testing and quality control functions in the WM production”
| January 2011 | Confidential
Identifies which quality control systems will be the main object of the activities during the project, describes the main characteristics in terms of desired performances and the mechanisms to have these system operating in the GRACE Multi Agent System (MAS).

Deliverable 6.1
D6.1 “Project presentation”
| December 2010 | Public
Reports on the dissemination activities carried out during the first six months of the project.

All the public deliverables and a summary of the confidential deliverables are available on download page of the website.

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