Deliverable 8.1

A new confidential deliverable has been submitted to the EU Commission on 1st July 2011 and now a summary can be freely accessed in the download page of the website.

Deliverable 8.1 (summary)
D8.1 “First Technical Report” | July 2011 | Confidential

Deliverable 8.1 is the first outcome of Workpackage 8 “Scientific and Technical Coordination” and it has been submitted in correspondence with the first year of activities of the GRACE project, which officially started on July 1st 2011. At this phase of the project, most of the Workpackages are in progress, as only WP5 “Implementation and Validation” has not started yet. Indeed WP5 is related to the demonstration phase and it is planned to start at month 23.
This report is intended to provide the overall view of the project progress, not going into full details of the technical and scientific goals reached in the WPs, for which specific detailed deliverables have been already produced and submitted.


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