GRACE at HoloMAS 2011

Toulouse, France, 29th – 31th Nov 2011

The first achievements in the specification of the GRACE multi-agent system architecture, integrating the process and quality control, were presented in the 5th International Conference on Industrial Applications of Holonic and Multi-Agent Systems (HoloMAS’11).
The conference focuses in the design, development and applying holonic and multi-agent systems for industrial problems.

Title of Contribution:
Multi-agent System for on-demand Production Integrating Production and Quality Control
Paulo Leitão | Nelson Rodrigues

Multi-agent systems is being pointed as particularly suited to design and engineer a new class of control systems to operate at the factory plants addressing the current requirements of modularity, flexibility and reconfigurability. This paper introduces the main principles of a multi-agent system approach to support the integration of production and quality control processes in washing machines production lines that is being developed under the EU FP7 GRACE project.

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