GRACE lands in Australia!

Melbourne 7th-10th Nov 2011

The vision of the GRACE project, supported by some results achieved in the first year, will be officially presented at IECON 2011 the 37th Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society.
The conference focuses on industrial and manufacturing theory and applications of electronics, controls, communications, instrumentation and computational intelligence.

Title of Contribution
Towards the Integration of Process and Quality Control using Multi-Agent Technology
P.Castellini | C.Cristalli | M.Foehr | P.Leitao | N.Paone | I.Schjolberg | J.Tjønnås | C.Turrin | T.Wagner

The paper introduces a vision on design of distributed manufacturing control systems for production using the multi-agent principles to enhance integration of the production control with the quality control processes. It is highlighted how agent technology may enforce interaction of manufacturing execution system and distributed control system, enhancing the exploitation of the available information at the quality control and process control levels. A specific focus is made on a suitable engineering methodology for the design and realization of such concept. Innovation is also presented at the level of adaptive process control and self-optimizing quality control, with examples related to a home appliance production line

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