Antwerp (Belgium) 4th April 2012

An innovative measurement technique developed within the WP 3 activities was presented at OPTIMESS 2012.

The contribution:

“Vision system based on a conic mirror for dimensional measurements inside near-cylindrical cavities”
L. Stroppa | A. Bastari | N. Paone

was presented on the 4th of April, in the parallel session Dimensional Metrology in front of an international audience by the Ph.D. student Lorenzo Stroppa. The conference, founded in 2004, was hosted at the City Campus of the University of Antwerp and was organized in the framework of the OPTIMESS Scientific Research Network supported by the Research Foundation – Flanders. In 2009, the OPTIMESS conference was organized in Antwerp, and was attended by 115 participants from 19 different countries. This year even more participants attended the conference, and researchers from university and companies from 21 different countries presented their works.

The presents work, which is also part of the public Deliverable 3.2, concerns the development of an optical measurement system to be used for the measurement of the gap between the gasket and the drum in washing machines. The device is composed of a camera with a lens and a conic mirror aligned with the camera. This setup allows to capture all the cylindrical field of view in one image, so that the measurement can be performed quickly, without the need for moving/rotating scanning devices.

During the presentation, the system layout, the working optical principles and the performance of the measurement device were presented. The high interest aroused around the subject was confirmed by the numerous questions asked by the audience, aimed at a deeper understanding of the optical principles behind the system and at knowing if the system can be effectively used in other measurement fields concerning cylindrical objects.

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