ISIE 2012

Hangzhou (China) 28th – 31st May 2012

The GRACE project will attend at ISIE 2012, the 21st International Symposium in Industrial Electronic, by presenting a contribution describing the modeling and validation of the behavior of a MAS integrating process and quality control in a washing machine production line.

ISIE is the largest summer conference of the IEEE electronics society where industry, research and academia share their breakthroughs in emerging technologies and success stories in industrial electronics.

Title of Contribution
Modelling and Validating the Multi-agent System Behaviour for a Washing Machine Production Line
P.Leitão | N.Rodrigues

This paper describes the formal modelling and validation of the behaviour of a multi-agent system that integrates the production and quality control processes in a washing machine production line. The modelling, analysis and validation process uses the Petri nets formalism that provides a rigorous and formal language based on its powerful mathematical foundation, supporting the complete verification of the system correctness during the design phase and before to proceed to the deployment phase. The behaviour models of each agent belonging to the system architecture is edited, analysed and simulated in the PnDK framework.

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