Ancona (Italy) 26th – 29th June 2012

Some of the results of WP 3 concerning the development of self-adapting quality control agents will be presented at AIVELA 2012, the 10th International Conference on Vibration Measurement by Laser and Noncontact Techniques.

AIVELA is organized by the Italian Association of Laser Velocimetry and non invasive diagnostics and represents a forum for delegates from Industry, Academia and Research Institutes worldwide.

Title of Contribution
Quality control agent: self-adaptive laser vibrometry for on-line diagnostics
S. Serafini | N. Paone | P. Castellini

It is presented the development of a self-adaptive diagnostic system based on laser vibrometry for production line quality control. The vibration measurement system consists of a laser Doppler vibrometer, equipped with scanning mirrors and a smart camera, which implements self-adaptivity for compensating target mis-positioning under guidance by a vision system and for the achievement of the best condition for measurement by optimizing the Doppler signal level. This system is designed as a Quality Control Agent (QCA) and it is part of a Multi Agent System (MAS) that supervises all the production line. The QCA behavior is defined so to perform a minimization of measurement uncertainty during the on line tests; for this purpose the QCA exhibits a self-adaptive behavior. Best measurement conditions are defined in terms of amplitude of the optical Doppler beat signal (signal quality – SQ). In this paper, the optimization strategy for measurement enhancement achieved by the down-hill algorithm (Nelder-Mead algorithm) and its effect on signal quality improvement is discussed. Tests on a washing machine in controlled operating conditions allow to evaluate the efficacy of the method; significant reduction of noise on vibration velocity spectra is observed.


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