All deliverables submitted!

Only one month after the final meeting, Grace partners have provided the last four deliverables:

  • D5.2 “Report on the results obtained in the field tests of Grace MAS platform”
    Grace system demonstrated its positive impact on production efficiency and products quality
  • D6.3 “Final Report on Dissemination and Exploitation”
    Past, present and future dissemination and exploitation activities
  • D6.4 “Engineering Handbook”
    Useful guideline to engineer complex decentralized production systems based on the Grace approach
  • D8.3 “Final Technical Report”
    Progress and main achievements of the project during the last year

Technical deliverables have been carefully prepared and provided on time all along the project, reaching a total of 23 deliverables submitted, 6 of which are accompanied by annexes containing detailed and confidential information.

All the public deliverables are available in the download page and can be used to get a deep knowledge of the Grace project.

The Grace team wishes you all great summer vacations!

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