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Grace project is finished, but the dissemination of the scientific and industrial results achieved in the project continues.

On the 23 of October, Loccioni Group, technical and scientific responsible of the Grace consortium, was invited to present the Grace approach and solutions in a workshop about the production management in intelligent factories. The workshop was organized inside the SMAU fair in Milan.

The discussion tried to give answers to important questions like:

  • Why a company should invest in intelligent solutions?
  • Which is the best way to implement an intelligent system?
  • How is possible to integrate the human know-how in an automatic system?

Thanks to the experience gained in the Grace project it was possible to give an important contribution to the discussion showing the achievements had in the demonstration and validation phase of the project about the products quality improvement and the process efficiency increase, illustrating the engineering methodology for developing Grace-like systems and describing the important role of human operators in the training and the execution phase of the system.

The key to achieve efficiency in a modern factory is the integration of automation and information technology for generating a flow of information that permits to adapt the production process to market requests, and to planned and unplanned changes. The prototypes and the multi-agent system developed in the Grace project prove that a more intelligent production system can really exist and that its implementation is cost-effective.

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