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Deliverable 5.1

Monday, February 4th, 2013

On January 30th 2013 the first Deliverable of Work Package 5 “Implementation and Validation” has been submitted to the European Commission.

Deliverable 5.1

D3.2 “Working prototype of GRACE system installed in the WM production”
| January 2013 | Confidential

This deliverable describes the status of activities and the last achievements of task 5.1 “Integration and Customization” and provides a detailed description of the prototypes developed and implemented in production line within the GRACE project. The final prototype integrates contributes of WP1 (Multi-Agent Architecture), WP2 (Self-Adaptation and Self-Optimization) and WP3 (Modular and Self-Optimizing Quality Control) for the specific case study of the Whirlpool washing machines factory.

A summary of deliverable 5.1 is available at the download page.

The GRACE project has entered the final and most important part of its activities. For this reason, in order to have everything ready and validated by the end of the project, several technical “working sessions” have already been planned at the Whirlpool factory over the next months.

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ISIE 2012

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

Hangzhou (China) 28th – 31st May 2012

The GRACE project will attend at ISIE 2012, the 21st International Symposium in Industrial Electronic, by presenting a contribution describing the modeling and validation of the behavior of a MAS integrating process and quality control in a washing machine production line.

ISIE is the largest summer conference of the IEEE electronics society where industry, research and academia share their breakthroughs in emerging technologies and success stories in industrial electronics.


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