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Cookie utility in the website

A cookie can be defined as a small file of letters and numbers that a website sends to the browser and it is saved in your computer anytime you surf in the net. The cookies general purpose is to store and move information. This instrument is useful both for companies which for example have the possibility to meausure the number and modality of users access in their website and also for websites users who have the possibility for example to set their own personal preferences and settings while visiting the site. (for example, the language choice)

Cookies can be mainly addressed to three main categories:

  • Technical cookies: Cookies of this type are necessary for us in order to allow you to surf the website and employ all its functionalities, for example persistent cookies or session cookies that allow you the entrance to reserved areas. Without these cookies, the site or portions of it may not work properly. These cookies are used also for gathering users information as the number of users visits, visitors provenance and the most visited pages of the website. The collected information are employed only to improve the website, users experience and the services offered quality. As for cookie’s installment, it is not required users consent.
  • Functionality cookies: record information about choices visitors have made and allow us to tailor the website to you. The information stored are anonymous and it is not possible to track users’ navigation on other websites. We use these cookies to record whether a particular service has been already provided to the user, as well as to improve the overall experience on the website, collecting preferences. To install these cookies user’s consensus is not required.
  • Third party cookies: These cookies are managed by third parties, in other words by supervisors unrelated to our websites. Third party cookies derive from announces originated by other websites, such as advertisements in our website that might be used also for a marketing purpose.
This site uses cookies to offer you the best possible navigation experience and for commercial and advertising purposes.
By continuing to use the site without disabling them, you authorise us to send and use cookies on your device. To read our policy on cookies, click here.