Scientific Objectives

The full success of GRACE project will consist in the achievement of the scientific and technological objectives presented hereafter. Appropriate Milestones are set in order to verify in an objective and measurable way the achievement of objectives.

Objective 1 – Development of a flexible, adaptive and reconfigurable architecture that integrates process and quality control
This objective aims at building a modular, flexible, adaptive, reconfigurable and responsive platform for automation at factory level which integrates process and quality control allowing the improvement of the production system performance and resulting in up to 8% increased production efficiency for the test case.

Objective 2 – Development of self-adaptation and self-optimization mechanisms
An important objective of this project is to achieve self-adaptation and self-optimization of the manufacturing and assembly systems, at local and global levels, according to the planned process changes and to environmental unpredictable changes and to the unplanned changes in the production/process.

Objective 3 – Development of modular and adaptive testing (measurement) systems
This objective will lead to develop and implement the agents in charge of quality control distributed at different production processes.

Objective 4 – Enable systematic transferability and industrial applicability of GRACE
The comprehensive transferability and applicability of the GRACE multi-agent platform is a specific objective aimed to a wide industrial application of project results.

Objective 5 – Prototype of the concept and the real test case
This last, but fundamental objective aims at showing the applicability and merits of the proposed approach by implementing the adaptive multi-agent architecture in a real industrial case study, studying its behaviour using different devised scenarios and measuring its performance.

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