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Whirlpool Europe SrL is a leading manufacturer and marketer of major home appliances. With 14,000 employees, a sales presence in over 30 European countries and manufacturing sites in seven countries, Whirlpool Europe is a wholly owned subsidiary of Whirlpool Corporation. Whirlpool’s European Operations’ Center is located in Comerio (VA), Italy. The company markets Whirlpool, Bauknecht, KitchenAid, Ignis, Polar, Laden in 12 Market Regions, consolidating 32 markets. Whirlpool Europe has manufacturing Centres in Sweden (Norrköping), Germany (Neunkirchen and Schorndorf), Poland (Wroclaw), Slovakia (Poprad), France (Amiens), Italy (Cassinetta, Naples, Trento) and South Africa (Ishitebe).
Whirlpool strongly believes in the power of brands and innovation to break out of an industry stalemate and challenge the market. Since 1989, Whirlpool Europe has invested more than 1.1 billion Euros in the development of its brands and the creation of innovative products that consumers are proud to own. This has proven to be a winning strategy and in just a few short years has allowed Whirlpool to become the number one brand in Europe (1996).
Whirlpool invests in innovation as a key strength and distinguishing factor with regard to the competition, placing Whirlpool in the vanguard and offering unique solutions that grant a competitive advantage and encourage consumers to choose Whirlpool products. Development at Whirlpool is driven by innovation at all stages, from design to the creation of new products, from marketing and sales strategies to supply and distribution processes.

Whirlpool in GRACE will be the coordinator of the WP5, giving a full availability of one of its production line where the GRACE multi-agent system will be implemented and validated. In the project Whirlpool will give inputs for the definition of the specifications related to the selected case study in the WP1, WP2, WP3 and WP4. In the WP2 it will also define which parameters have to be identified and controlled in order to improve the efficiency of the washing machine. This activity will support the development of the product traceability agent. Whirlpool will have an important role also in the exploitation phase of the project, having the possibility to implement in the future the Grace multi-agent system in the remaining washing machine factories and also in the other appliances factories, such as dryers, dish washers, ovens and refrigerators.

Specific Skills
One of the pillars that Whirlpool Europe uses as a base to confront the strong market pressures is the use of a balanced, lean and efficient manufacturing platform.
In Europe Region, the Central Industrial Engineering (CIE) is coordinating all the activities of industrial engineering for all the European factories providing strong and multidisciplinary competences for the evolution of the manufacturing footprint. CIE is also consolidating a long time experience in Industrial Automation and Testing system, having implemented in all the factories state-of-the-art automation systems and automatic testing system (both for safety and functional test).

Claudio Turrin
email: Claudio_Turrin@whirlpool.com

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