AEA-Loccioni Group

AEA srl is a single-member company subjected to control and coordination by Summa srl.
It was founded in 1980 with the aim of providing innovative solutions to the design and development of automatic systems for testing and quality control, having the capability to specify, design, manufacture and service the special purpose equipments that are requested for.
Together with General Impianti, that is focused on automation, telecommunication, environmental control, and SUMMA, that is focused on development and services, AEA is part of the Loccioni Group, a system of companies whose synergy can supply the world of industry with turnkey solutions. All the three companies together have 300 employees, with a turnover in 2008 of 54 M€ and operates in 40 countries around the world. 4% of the turnover is invested in R&D activities. The R&D dept. is composed by 25 engineers of which 6 hold a PhD.
Some figures of AEA: 172 employees, of these 20 in R&D, 10 in the administration department, 47 in the electrical and mechanical technical departments, 20 in the software department, 31 project managers for different business units.

AEA will coordinate and manage the scientific and technical aspects of the project. AEA will allocate senior resources to ensure that scientific and technical management aspect is well performed. AEA will also largely contribute to the project by bringing skills and expertise in the definition of the Quality Control functions and data management in production environment. Also, AEA will lead the effort for the architecture of the communication infrastructure and will participate in the architecture definition and its implementation. The implementation and validation of the GRACE prototype is the part where AEA will be mostly involved, having a deep knowledge of the production line environment at factory level. Finally AEA will actively participate to the exploitation and dissemination activities, in order to apply the results of the GRACE projects to different sectors and enlarge the scenarios for the GRACE multi-agent technology.

Specific skills
AEA describes itself as a “technological tailor’ s workshop” that works in synergy with Universities and Research Centres to develop and set up hi-technology content “all inclusive” systems for Goods Industry, Service Industry and Public Administration. The Group integrates its skills in measurement and testing for quality control, automation, ICT and service, on several fields among which are Automotive, Household-appliances, Environment, Energy Saving, Health. The aim is to produce innovation improving products performances through test and quality control. Its employees are technicians and engineers focused to find hi-tech and all inclusive solutions.
The two main markets are the Automotive and House hold appliance industries.
AEA is one of the world leaders in the design and production of quality control systems for home appliances and their components. Among its customers there are: Whirlpool, BSH, Indesit, Candy, etc.; that means the top number four producers of appliances in Europe. Over 60 % of the washing machines produced in Europe are tested by a AEA system.
For the Automotive sector that covers more than 50% of the turnover, AEA is world leader in the design and production of systems for the quality control of diesel and fuel injectors. These systems integrate quality control system with assembling and conveying systems, the management of supervision and control software and the industrial automation, thus constituting a complete automatic manufacturing system.

Cristina Cristalli, Ph.D.

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