SINTEF is an independent research foundation based in Trondheim and Oslo, in Norway. The organisation receives only minimal state funding (around 8 %), earning the majority of the income from contract research for industry and the public sector in Norway and internationally. SINTEF is the largest independent R&D organisation in the Nordic countries, employing around 2150 people. Contract research carried out by SINTEF covers many scientific and technical areas, and ranges from basic research through applied research to commercialisation of results into new products and business ideas, for both the domestic and international markets. SINTEF is represented in this consortium by SINTEF ICT, the department specialising in information and communications technology. SINTEF ICT has extensive experience in participating in European Commission programmes, in FP5, FP6 and FP7 projects, both in technical and co-ordination roles and in different work programmes (ICT, Energy, NMP etc)

SINTEF will in GRACE develop adaptive control mechanisms at local and global level. The mechanisms will be based on self-tuning controllers and direct adaptive control. Furthermore, adaptivity will be implemented on the product, in order to adapt the control parameters of the on board micro controller to the actual outcome of the assembly process.

Specific skills
From the SINTEF ICT institute, the Department of Applied Cybernetics will be participating in the project. 17 full time research scientists constitute the department and more than 50% of the department staff holds a PhD in Cybernetics. The group contributes to the world wide research within control theory, and also within adaptive control [S1, S2]. The department specializes in the research and development of advanced control systems, safety instrumented systems and embedded systems for the Norwegian petroleum industry, process and manufacturing industry. The department staff works in close collaboration with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU); Department of Engineering Cybernetics and Department of Quality and Production Engineering.
[S1] J. Tjønnås and T. A. Johansen, Adaptive Control Allocation, Automatica 2008.
[S2] J. Tjønnås and T. A. Johansen, Optimizing Nonlinear Adaptive Control Allocation, IFAC World Congress, Prague 2005.

Schjølberg Ingrid, Ph.D.

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