Università Politecnica delle Marche – UNIVPM is a medium sized university located in Ancona, central Italy.
UNIVPM will participate to GRACE project with the research group of Mechanical and Thermal Measurements, which is part of the Department of Mechanics, within the Faculty of Engineering.

UNIVPM will be the Co-ordinator and will be responsible for the financial legal and administrative management of the project. UNIVPM will bring expertise for non-contact measurement techniques for quality control. Main tasks of UNIVPM in GRACE will be related to develop Testing and Quality Control Functions”, within WP3, aimed to develop self-optimization and adaptivity within measurement systems. In particular, UNIVPM will develop a self-optimizing laser Doppler vibrometer, so to minimize noise due to optical scattering at surfaces; develop adaptivity in vibro-acoustic measurement systems, so to maximize signal-to-noise ratio in noisy factory environments; develop adaptivity in vision systems, so to compensate variable disturbances (such as environmental lightning, etc.); develop modular algorithms for diagnostics (feature extraction, classification, etc.). UNIVPM will also contribute to develop adaptivity on the product in WP2 and will perform research within WP6-“Implementation Testing and Validation” on all the agents in charge of measurement, i.e. QCA and PTA. UNIVPM will also participate actively to WP7-“Dissemination and Exploitation”, with specific attention to dissemination.

Specific skills
The research group in Measurement Techniques is composed of 4 professors, 4 research engineers, 11 PhD fellows and a variable number of young engineers with contracts. Since 1988 it has participated to 21 EU projects and 3 networks. In all EU projects in which the Mechanical and Thermal Measurement group has participated the theme of research has been focussed on development and application of non-contact measurement techniques for geometrical, kinematic, vibro-acoustic and thermal quantities. Main technologies that the group deals with are electro-optics (laser interferometry and vision at various wavelengths) and acoustic ultrasounds. The members of the group are partly mechanical engineers, partly electronic engineers; this cross-sectorial range of competences is an element of strength for developing research in the transversal domain of measurement techniques.
Within the sector of intelligent systems for industrial automation, the research group has coordinated the 6th EU-FP project MEPOS-“Optical Measurement Of Position And Size Of Wood Panels For Intelligent Automation Of Sanding Machines”, which developed a society of agents for fuzzy logic control of a sanding machine; in particular the research group developed a large format optical scanner, co-operating in real time, within an Ethernet network, with other agents in charge of controlling the actuators. This has brought the group to experience a successful cooperation with experts in intelligent control techniques and has allowed the development of a common language and base of knowledge, which is a key element for success in a trans-sectorial project, where complementary expertises have to be directed to a common goal.

Prof. Nicola Paone
email: n.paone@univpm.it

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